A downloadable game for Linux

Left/Right - Move
Up - Jump
Down - Look down


This was not only our first game jam, but the first game most of us made.

A lot of things went wrong at the last moments but we're very happy we actually did it. In the game you must fetch two items, the head of Mimir, that allows you to see hidden platforms, and the fire of Prometeus, that allows you to move platforms arround. The game isn't properly finished, and it has no ending. The game just goes on with nothing left for you to do.

We consider comming back to it and finishing it, but we also want to work on new projects and we don't have as much time as we'd like to try and make games, so it might take a while.

Either way, we're very proud of all the work we invested in this, and we've learned so much from making it.

Also, don't forget to check out our second game, Moonlit Hood!

made kindly by iuri, kalil, lucas, sofia, tomas e vitor <3

Install instructions

Just extract the ZIP file and run "godspresent.exe" (Windows) or "godspresent.x86_64" (Linux)


html-present.zip 50 MB
linux 86 MB

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